BioGlobe GmbH
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22529 Hamburg

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Bioglobe provides services in all fields of life sciences: Medical routine, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical industry, academic research institutes.

Medical Genetics

The Molecular Genetic Laboratory of Bioglobe is a leader in the field of molecular diagnostics. Integrated in a network of co-operations with physicians, we offer a large number of DNA-oriented tests for many medical fields.


Life Science Technology Services for Research and Development

Bioglobe offers a complete solution to all research needs of biotechnology enterprises as well as those of universities and academic research groups. The service that we offer starts right from technology consulting, includes support to all types of molecular biological experiments, genomics, proteomics etc.


Sciance Guards – Predictive Genomic Profiles

Sciance Guards, Bioglobes predictive genomic profiles, are the advent of truly personalized healthcare. Assessment of genetic risks is the scientific basis for preventive biomedicine and offers the chance for more effective prevention and treatment of chronic disease.